About us

Viskan Group consists of 90 dedicated staff members all working hard to bring a little well-deserved luxury to our customers’ everyday lives. The Group is owned and operated by the Ramezankhani brothers and is based in Borås.

Viskan Group was founded by the Ramezankhani brothers and has its origins and its main business in the restaurant industry. Along the way, the Group has also invested in other companies and today owns shares in, among other things, the IT and construction industry.

In 2019, the Group’s turnover was approximately SEK 57 million and it has around 60 employees. We have won awards such as the DI Gasell, and several of our businesses have been mentioned in the White Guide.

Having a local identity, and cooperating with other local entrepreneurs and city representatives, is important to us. To be able to run healthy businesses and retain both satisfied guests and proud employees, it is necessary to work together.

Café Viskan, with its two cafés in Borås, is a good example of what we mean. They are popular with our guests and have become meeting places for many in town. Together with our restaurant Balthazar, we offer the people of Borås great choices to both eat and socialize.

In 2014, Café Viskan developed its own coffee that meets the requirements for Fairtrade, KRAV and Direkt Handel standards, which means that the coffee beans are bought directly from cooperatives in each country of origin. The coffee is sold at the two cafés and at the delicatessen Cassise.